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George Vondriska As many of you know I am a big supporter of WWGOA "Woodworkers Guild of America" especially their Complete Woodworking video collection. I own 16 of the DVD's. As you may remember during my "Woodworking Inspiration" video I gave away 10 WWGOA Complete Woodworking Collection DVD's to young Matthew Agate of The Newfoundland Woodworker during that video.

Well I am happy to announce that WWGOA is now offering a Premium Membership to woodworkers. This membership allows the members access to a workshop full of expert video content.

As a member you have access to premium videos that include shop tested tips and techniques, step by step woodworking projects as well as full length videos from their DVD collection. Not only that but you also get woodworking classes with written and video instruction.

George Vondriska (pictured above left) is a Master Craftsman and the host/instructor in the videos. George, in my opinion is a wealth of knowledge. He provides clear simple instructions for various techniques in all areas of woodworking. I myself when I first began woodworking, learned a lot from George. Not only that, I have on occasion asked George questions about a certain technique or wood and he was great at responding and lending his advice. WWGOA has a woodworking Forum just for that. You can ask questions, get advice, or even share some advice of your own. It's simple to join the forum. Just go to www.wwgoa.com and click on the forum tab.

A Simple Design of Ocala Viewers

Thanks to the great people over at WWGOA, you now have the opportunity to become a Premium Member at a discounted rate

From now until August 31, 2012 A Simple Design of Ocala Viewers can sign up for an annual membership at a 50% discount

The cost of an annual Premium Membership is a low $19.99. and you can save 50% by signing up and using this Coupon Code LAN50

Simply CLICK HERE sign up for the annual membership and during checkout enter in the coupon code LAN50 for your 50% membership discount. It's that easy! This offer is a limited offer for all of my viewers and followers. The offer expires on August 31, 2012

I am a Premium Member, and I have to say, the content included in the membership is well worth it. As I said before, A WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE!

Step up your woodworking skills and Let George help you each step of the way.



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