Woodworking Inspiration?

Recently I posted a video on Woodworking Inspiration. In this video I name some of my woodworking role models and also talk to a young up and comer in the woodworking world.

I wanted to ask you guys and gals. What or who Inspires you? or your designs and projects? Is it a well known woodworker or maybe a school shop class teacher when you were in school. or how about a family member? Whom ever it may be or what ever it may be, tell me about it. Id love to hear.

Here is a look at my latest video... Woodworking Inspiration.

Matthew Agate is one great kid! I can't say enough about this young woodworker. Its puts a smile on my face everytime I talk to him.

Be sure to stop by Matthew's Website and leave him a comment. I'm sure he would love to hear from other woodworker's out there and any advice you may have to give.


Your comments are greatly appreciated! Feedback is how I am able to better my self, this site and my services to you.


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