Whirligig Wars 2012

Well with Whirligig Wars under way and the finish line approaching, I decided that it would be fitting to make the theme for my whirligig around the contest. So I came up with. "Man cutting wood with a Laguna Bandsaw".

I will post a video of the Whirligig in action at the end of this article. I wanted to share with you photos of the entries that have been sent to me for the contest.

Whirligig Wars / Walnut Piano Bench / New Yankee Workshop

A quick video talking about the "Whirligig Wars" Woodworking contest and my upcoming video project. For additional information about the contest, you can read Whirligig Wars "How to enter" After a viewer on YouTube asked me to build a Piano Bench, I decided "Why not?" So coming up is a "How to" on building a Walnut Piano Bench, so I hope you all enjoy that project, it should be a fun build.

Also, Just in time for Whirligig Wars, the New Yankee Workshop is featuring their Whirligig Episode. All this week you can watch as Norm Abram walks you through building a Whirligig. You can find that Episode and watch it online at New Yankee Workshop's Site Be sure to take a look. And here is the quick video update I made for you all. 

Contest Update / Walnut Piano Bench / New Yankee Workshop

A Quick update during the contest

My Laguna Whirligig / Whirligig Wars Contest

Here is the video for my whirligig in action. I made this in two days, so there is plenty of time left to get your entries in!!

Woodworking Contest - Whirligig Wars Winners

The Winner's Are announced!

All Contestants Please Contact me at Whirligig Wars T-shirts and Prize Claim (just click the link) and provide me with your shipping information and T' shirt Sizes...

All in all it was a great event with a lot of great entries. I would like to thank all those who participated in the 1st Annual Whirligig Wars Contest. When I presented the idea of holding a whirligig contest to Steve Ramsey (Woodworking For Mere Mortals) he and I agreed it would be a fun summer event. The response was overwhelming with over 6000 video views of the videos relating to the contest and many great comments from woodworkers all over.

So it was decided early on that this would be the 1st Annual Whirligig Wars Contest. So stay tuned for the 2nd Annual Whirligig Wars next year. being held in the month of July 2013.

Along with the great prizes donated to us by the Event Sponsors, All of the contestants who participated in the event will receive and official "2012 Whirligig Wars Survivor" T-shirt.

Official Whirligig War 2012 Survivor T-shirt backOfficial Whirligig Wars 2012 Survivor T-shirt Front

I am looking forward to next years event! I think this comment from Jerry Brown AKA TheRealWarrentby the contest's 1st place winner really sums it up. Jerry states,

"Awesome job Laney, and all the guys that did these I say the future of whirligigs is in the books immortalized on Youtube for future generations to enjoy and be inspired."

I couldn't agree more. Many of our contestants were first time Whirligig builders and have stated that they will be building more. and most are already planning their whirligig entry for next years event.

Here are photos of our contest entries Just click on the thumbnail to view them in the viewing area

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