Announcing The 2nd Annual Whirligig Wars

Whirligig Wars July 10-23, 2013It's that time of year once again. The 2nd Annual Whirligig Wars event is approaching!

 Woodworkers around the globe are beginning to construct their whimsical whirligigs with the hope of winning one of the great prizes this year.

Whirligig Wars came to life last year when woodworkers across the globe battled it out and waged a war in wood. Due to it's success Whirligig Wars has gained recognition from woodworkers and woodworking enthusiasts across the globe. In the Summer 2013 edition of Scrollsaw Woodworking and Crafts Magazine, Author Kathleen Ryan tells readers about the event which is hosted by Steve Ramsey, creator of Woodworking For Mere Mortals and myself.

Steve brought whirligig's to a whole new audience when he created his simple whirligig video on YouTube.  It was that video that inspired me to put an online contest together and Whirligig Wars was created. Sponsors of the event included Laguna Tools, Woodworkers Guild of America, Woodworking for Mere Mortals and A Simple Design of Ocala. and over $1500 in prizes were given away to the top whirligigs in the event.

KISS WhirligigLast year's Grand Prize winner was Steve Carmichael owner of The Carmichael His creativity and passion for Rock N Roll shined through with his KISS Whirligig and the viewers loved it! Carmichael took home the Laguna Drift Master Fence System with his win. After the event Carmichael stated, the challenge he faces now is coming up with a design for the 2013 that can top "KISS". Good Luck with that Steve.

Whirligig Wars takes off on July 10th and ends on July 23rd, 2013. This year we have added some new sponsors and would like to welcome last years sponsors back. Here is a look at what is up for grabs this year.

Prizes are listed in no particular order and the prizes and place categories will be announced as the event draws closer once all the prizes are in place.

Sponsors and Prizes

Laguna Tools

Laguna Drift Master Fence System

Resaw King Bandsaw Blade

Bundle of 5 Laguna Bandsaw Blades

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

Pack Rack Clamp and Tool Storage System



Woodworkers Guild of America


Set of 3 Woodworking DVD's

1 year Premium Online Subscription


Micro Jig

Advance Model GR200 GRR-Ripper

MJ Handle Bridge Kit

MJ Deflector/Connector

MJ Splitter SteelPro

Would you like to become a sponsor of the event? Contact Laney Shaughnessy

How To Enter Whirligig Wars 2013

  1. All Entries must be submitted between July 10 - 23, 2013
  2. In order to be eligible for prizes, Your Whirligig must be built by you or a member of your family, it can not be store bought (limit 2 entries per household)
  3. Submit a video response to the Contest Announcement Video on YouTube. Click here for the video announcement, showing you and your whirligig. Tell us who you are, give us a little detail about your whirligig, and show your whirligig in action!  Note: Keep the video short please under 2 minutes.
  4. If you do not have a YouTube Account, you can email us a link to your video to (photo entries will not be eligible this year).
  5. That's it, there is nothing to it. Note: The contest is open to everyone worldwide.

If you have any questions regarding Whirligig Wars 2013, Contact us at Whirligig Wars Contest Support

Updates for Whirligig Wars 2013 will be posted as they are made.

Reminder: Whirligig Wars Runs from July 10-23, 2013

LET THE BATTLE BEGIN! Remember, in this war only the Creative Will Survive! Happy Woodworking

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