Steve Ramsey Get's a Big Surprise!

Steve Ramsey If you have ever been on YouTube and searched anything about the topic of Woodworking. You are sure to see this guy pop up.

That's right, It's Steve Ramsey the creator of Woodworking for Mere Mortals. With over 10,000 followers on YouTube, Steve is a very creative and talented woodworker. He posts a new video every Friday, and boy are they entertaining as well as educational and inspiring.

Steve also posts short videos he dubs as Mere Minutes, now, these videos may not be about woodworking in general and the topics vary. Sometimes he is just updating everyone on his plumbing woes or teaching us a new game called "One Bounce". Whatever the topic it is sure to leave you with a smile at the end.

Well little did he know it, but I had a Big Surprise in store for him, which wasn't easy to pull off! That guy is everywhere..ha ha ,whether it be YouTube, Lumber Jocks, Facebook or Google Plus, Steve is sure to be found.

Which had me sneaking around trying to pull off this caper, eventually I ended up taking Steve out of my woodworking circle on Google+, this allowed me to send out a message to woodworkers worldwide in an attempt to rally them together to participate in a fundraiser for Steve.

If you have watched Steve's videos, you might have said to yourself. "That man's due for a new table saw", given the fact that Steve has created some amazing projects with an older model small bench top table saw, sometimes referred to as a "portable table saw". Actually it was identical to the first saw I started with.Porter Cable Table Saw

Well this man who has entertained us week after week was deserving of a gift. A Brand New Porter Cable Table Saw.

With the support of the woodworking community we were able to raise the money to not only purchase the saw but have it delivered to his home. The saw was purchased from Lowe's Home Improvement Center and the Delivery Manager was nice enough to adjust the delivery fee as part of Lowe's participation in this extraordinary event.

From the time I put the word out to the woodworkers of the world, within a 24 hour period, the new saw was being ordered and scheduled for delivery to Steve. Let's take a look at Steve's reaction.

The Big Surprise was a success as you just saw (No pun intended). ha! and Steve, well, I think the video says it all.

I would like to say to my friend:

Steve, you are one in a million, you have inspired me, educated me, and guided me through my transition into woodworking as a career. You don't realize the positive impact you have on the many people that follow you, as well as the newcomers who are just starting off in this craft. You are known, trusted and loved by many! I consider you a very dear friend, and I am thankful that our paths have crossed and my life was blessed with a friend like you. It's an honor to know you. And one day, I hope to be able to visit your shop, meet your family and have a cold beer with you.

A Special "Thank You" to those who made this possible with their donations and participation!

  • Michael Agate
  • Karl Caillouet
  • Mike Russo
  • Kenneth Comeaux
  • Robert Daniel
  • Bartee Lamar
  • Meal Becker
  • Benjamem Johnson
  • Marc Spagnoulo
  • Christopher Rodenius
  • Timothy Charles
  • Adam Weigand
  • Jon McGrath
  • Scott Meeks
  • Shawn Russell
  • John Moore
  • David White
  • Lance Gomes
  • Jack Read
  • Ben Strano
  • Matt Gradwohl
  • Frank Thornal


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