Hickory and Walnut Sewing Box

Recently I got a request to build a "Sewing Box" from my grandfather. He wanted to give it to the love in his life because she enjoys sewing as a hobby.

He requested it be made using the Hickory from the Hickory tree that had fallen on his house. The same Hickory tree produced the wood for the Hickory Chest Build.

Since it was a large tree and I have plenty of the wood left, so, that was easy enough, first request granted!

He had some ideas on the design along with some specifications that he wanted implemented in the box. which are as follows:
  • The box have a section for the thread spools to go 6 different colors of thread with 2 extra pegs for misc. spools, a total of 8 pegs tall enough for 2 spools on each peg
  • A Section with foam in it for her various needles to be stored
  • A few small areas for things like thimbles, needle threader and other misc. items.

Ok, well so far not to difficult of a list, easy enough. Now as far as the design, he left that totally up to me. I had no real plan in my mind for the box. All I do know is I didn't want the standard sewing box with the parallelogram arms attached on the outside of the box.

Well after some trial and error. The box was coming together. Things were flowing pretty smooth until it was time to hinge the top trays to the bottom tray of the box. Shop Made Knife Hinge

I didn't have enough time to order special knife hinges for this project. so I made a set of my own using brass stock and brass rods and a ball peen hammer.

Shop Made Knife Hinge Well as you are about to see, they didn't work out all that well. They just were not able to handle the weight and the top trays sagged when in the open position.  Here is a quick video showing the problem.

Now as you can see, I had to rethink some things... with time running out, I went ahead and went with the simplest and most practical solution. A friend of mine and subscriber to my YouTube Channel John Budnik said something to me that was very true, he said,

"How often would the box be in that position, surely the project is a mixture of practicality as well as aesthetics ? Closed ..the box is a piece of Art - something to be admired.....Open its doing its job"

Well I tend to listen when someone offers advice. What he said made total sense. There was no need to complicate things. So I jumped right back in. Here is the final result.

And there you have it, a finished sewing box. I finished it with 3 coats of Tung oil Varnish. My grandfather arrived early this morning to pick up the box and he was elated. He knows his special gal will love it!

Here are some photos of the finished box. (Just click on each picture to show a larger view below.)

Sewing Box Angled Viewsewing Box Side ViewSewing Box Top View 1Sewing Box Top View 2

Sewing box front view


Your comments are greatly appreciated! Feedback is how I am able to better my self, this site and my services to you.


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