10 year old Matthew Agate Builds a Rocking Horse

I love seeing kids in the workshop. boys and girls of all ages, working with their dads or moms in the woodshop and learning a craft I am passionate about.

If you guys remember, not to long back, Marc Spagnoulo aka The Wood Whisperer had a charity build to benefit Woodworkers Fighting Cancer, the project was a great little Rocking Horse.

If you liked that project, then you are going to love this!!! 10 year old Matthew Agate of New Foundland, shows us how to build the Rocking Horse using only hand tools!!

That's right, I said hand tools. Using only a handsaw and coping Saw Matthew builds his version of the Rocking Horse on his Mom's Kitchen Table. What's that you say? Why the Kitchen Table?

Well only due to the fact that it was just a bit to cold to be out in Dad's shop. He had to use the next best thing to a work bench. His mom's kitchen table. But he wasn't about to let the cold stop him! And with his Mom's permission to use her Kitchen, Matthew creates a perfect rendition of the horse.

Matthew, You did a great Job!! Now Let's watch as Matthew shows us how!


Your comments are greatly appreciated! Feedback is how I am able to better my self, this site and my services to you.


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